Welcome to the Tree Angels for Haiti Blog

Welcome to the very first Tree Angels for Haiti (TAFH) blog post! As a small grassroots charity organization, we are excited to spread the word about our efforts to empower the people of Haiti. The goal of this blog is to provide up to date information on the TAFH mission. In addition, we will share our experiences from our mission trips and highlight the culture  and people of Haiti. We also look forward to exploring the challenges and triumphs of the beautiful island nation.

TAFH is a community-led reforestation program, aimed at decreasing environmental catastrophes, diseases, and poverty associated with the massive tree-cutting activities in Haiti.  Our primary goal is to plant trees where there’s an urgent need. We wish to establish environmental and economic stability, and therefore  decrease the poverty level.

With all of the environmental concerns currently facing Haiti, we recognize the importance of collaborating with the communities we serve. Therefore, TAFH creates opportunities to work with local Haitian volunteers on various projects (including community gardening, tree distribution and planting, environmental education and healthcare education programs). The result of our missions to Haiti has been a better understanding on the importance of trees to the Haitian landscape. We are working hard to make a difference through planting trees and re-establishing the landscape. Beyond the beauty of the lush vegetation, the impact will include soil regeneration, decreased risk of flooding, increased economic stability from the sales of the produce. Our hope is that within a few years, the devastation of natural disasters will be minimized or prevented. One tree at a time, we are confident that we will make progress.

Our organization is incorporated in the state of Virginia, USA as a non profit (501c3) organization. We are run entirely through the support of dedicated volunteers and generous donors. Our group welcomes partners from throughout the U.S. and Haiti from various professional backgrounds. The common link for our members is a willingness and passion for serving. For more information about our organization and how you may become a part of our efforts, please visit us on Facebook (www.Facebook/TreeAngelsForHaiti) or simply leave a comment on the Contact section above.Stay tuned for regular blog posts and please invite your family and friends to learn more about our cause.

The journey to help Haiti is an important one. We believe our work will provide lessons that can be applied globally and hope our outreach efforts will have a long term impact on the very special communities we serve. Our founder, Sandra Romulus, reminds us of the significance of our work with one of her favorite quotes:

“Someone is sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree long time ago.“ (Warren Buffet)