Earth Day: celebrated since 1970. We take pride and joy every year to commemorate this special day.
Earth Day emphasizes the environment and reminds us of our special relationship with our Mother Earth and all the species existing on it.
Earth Day is also our special day to highlight what we do and remind our audience that we vowed and are committed to our environmental missions.

Although most of our work takes place in Haiti and revolves around the promotion of tree planting, we also get involved with our localities and help educate about common environmental issues. We share our experiences and encourage the public to take action to help keep our air and waters clean and ensure the survival of all species.
Educating the public or sharing knowledge of our activities in Haiti with the public creates awareness, helps promote our work in Haiti and reminds all of the global issues.

This year, WE CHALLENGE YOU to take action and make Earth Day memorable. Whether you join a march, participate in trash pick up or even join in an organized educational event, make Earth Day yours!

For more information on positive ways you can help the environment as a TAFH member, please leave a comment or contact any TAFH member.