Straight Outta Haiti…

This well written blog post is a contribution from one of our Tree Angels for Haiti volunteers living on the island. As a young man proud of his country, he expresses concerns that we all should consider. Do you agree with his views? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section.
Leaving haiti photo

My name is Alphe Rither Romulus and I am a young Haitian of the millennial generation born in the 90’s. Like so many youngsters from my generation, I can say that I am
proud of my country… or am I? Maybe I was once upon a time, but right now I
can’t really tell you that I am. This question of “Haitian Pride” has been
preoccupying my mind for a while now, especially with the wave of young Haitians leaving the country. Since I don’t wish to be too negative about the current events, I
will explore both sides of the medal and share my opinion to reflect what many
have witnessed and seen parading before their eyes.

Today, we are facing a real crisis in Haiti. We see a sea of humans leaving the country and traveling to all four corners of the globe. And this is without a goal or any
specific objectives in mind. They have no itinerary and they will shout out and
reach out to anyone who they hope will make them feel valuable. They are looking
for validation and valorization. So I wonder, is this mass exodus related to a
lack of education or a lack of patriotism?

In my opinion, neither. Since education or access to education hasn’t changed in the
country for such a long period of time, this can’t be the cause. We have been lacking
access to mentors, role models or anyone to teach ethical values. The fact that
professionals or witty youth finish school and can’t find proper placement or
employment isn’t new. What kind of support can be given to those who are well educated and who are ready to help their country? There are so many sustainable and
developmental projects that have been overlooked and that could have been offered.

What about patriotism?

So much is responsible for our sad reality. Our future is bleak right now, because only a few can have access to resources and can help with the production of goods. However,
regardless of our sad reality and of how difficult things may seem, I don’t
agree with the mass exodus of our people going to countries where they will be
taken advantage. As non-residents to these countries, they are asked to
disburse considerable amounts of money to allow them entry. This money could have
been put to better use or helped to do something sustainable and more profitable in Haiti, such as a business startup program.

At the end of the day, what matters is that we feel comfortable wherever we are. According to the great philosopher, Volter, a true citizen should not be patriotic. Therefore, we should feel valuable wherever we are. We should feel respected and learn to adapt and live wherever we are treated with dignity and where our true value is being recognized. Let’s all venture out and search for that true valorization which
will allow us to live freely on this planet.

Alphe Rither Romulus




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