A Torn Book

Magic-book.-ecology textbookOur latest blog post has been provided by one of our Haiti based TAFH volunteers, Jean Makens Germain. His creative writing gives a unique perspective and provides an interesting lesson. This blog post may provide an excellent conversation point for your next gathering with family and friends. Be sure to comment on your thoughts and spread the word about the important work of TAFH. 

There once was a woman who had many children. Although she was very poor and had encountered a series of unfortunate events, she strongly believed that providing the best for her children was a priority. All of her children were school-aged and she wanted them to have the best education possible. Despite her lack of resources, she managed to buy a single textbook and asked that this textbook would be passed down from one child to the next.

She specifically told them to make sure that they handle this book with extra care and cautiously, for it was the only one that she could afford. The children knew that every time one of them completed the textbook and passed their class, they were to pass on this book to the next. It was clear, there was no other way…

Overtime, the tradition continued until one of the children became negligent and stopped caring for the book as intended. So, the pages started tearing and the book ripped. This resulted in serious damage of the book. The children who were waiting to use the book inherited a mess and barely could read out of it. This book, unique and irreplaceable was extremely important for this family. The negligent attitude of one child impacted so many in a negative way. If all children cared for this book equally and carefully, no child’s future would have been jeopardized. All the children were warned. The mom repeatedly told them to be cautious and to care for this book. But unfortunately, this one child did not listen.

By now you understand that this story is a parable and the book symbolizes something greater. Yes, the mother is our Mother Earth, we are the children and the book represents our environment. For too long, we have been told to be careful, to handle our environment with care and to preserve it. For, living in a safe environment is our only mean of survival. Some of us did not listen and weren’t as careful. Today, we are starting to pay the price and the future is very bleak for the generations to come. Careless children tear up the pages of our precious book leaving behind a desolate and incomplete book for future generations. We need to think of the children of tomorrow and find a way to patch up the damaged pages of our only book.

Are you interested in learning more about how you may help our planet and improve conditions in Haiti? Please contact any TAFH member or visit our website http://www.treeangelshaiti.org for more details. 

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