Can You Stand the Heat?

Blazing hot sunAs the world urbanizes and becomes more and more industrialized, the effects of climate change are more and more obvious. Summer days are obviously hotter.

My family and I recently took a trip to Montreal. Montreal is a northern city in Quebec, Canada where twenty years ago, it was still inconceivable to think that the temperature would rise to 105 C. And it was hard to imagine that AC systems would become a necessity the summer months.

During our short stay in Canada, 54 people died in 3 days from heat exhaustion in their homes, hospitals and outdoors.  In Quebec, the public facilities were not built to welcome the heat wave. This got me thinking…For heaven sake, this is Canada. If climate change is having such impact on Canada, what impact is it having on the island of Haiti, which is way more vulnerable to environmental changes?

Luckily, Canada is a rich nation and can afford to enforce environmental regulations. But, what happens in a developing nation such as Haiti where there’s a lack of environmental regulations? And what about the lack of sanitation, clean water and forested regions?

Too often, the primary victims of environmental harm are impoverished and marginalized communities with limited resources and opportunity to participate in the decision making process about environmental related subjects.  Furthermore, I asked myself, can you stand the heat? If not… what are you willing to do about it?

More than ever, I believe that as Tree Angels, it is our duty to continue spreading the word and to convince more people to get on board to promote environmental education in countries like Haiti. We need more environmental protection groups as partners. We need to do more activities such as the Earth Day observance where we get opportunities to educate communities about the current environmental hot topics. Call me a dreamer, but I’m an optimist. I believe that we can improve the current climatic conditions if we all work together and agree to give up some of our comfort.

Protecting the environment is key to healthy land and healthy people.

Sandra Romulus